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Upcoming Events


  • Salsa Night

Friday 29th April 2016 @ West End Scout Den Detail 

  • Tango Tuesday

Guided Tango Practica & Class 7pm@  West End Scout Den Detail 

  • Tango Workout

15th and 22nd April 2016

Tango-Workout workshop 

7pm@  West End Scout Den Den Detail



We are a group of people who enjoy Latin Dance, the music, having fun and meeting people. This site will be updated in regular basis to give details of dance classes and events in New Plymouth.  If you are an experienced dancer, or just learning and want to get some dance floor time, get on our circulation list for local events and parties.

It also has links to web sites for national events and links to web sites which give "all you want to know" technical and historical information on the dance forms.  






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Tango Venue

Tuesday Tango Vanue

Winter and Wet weather venue:

West End Scout Den, 11 Bonithon Avenue, New Plymouth

Tango Weekly Event

Tuesday Tango Class/ Tango Practica/ Tango Social Night 7-8.30 pm

Come along and Join our Tango family. Music starts from 7.00pm. Dancers of all levels (as well as complete beginners) are welcome. Teachers are available from 7-8pm to provide lesson from 7pm to 8pm to beginners, guidance for individuals, or you can get help from more experienced dancers. From 8pm, you can try out the moves learned in classes and improve your tango in this informal environment. It's a great opportunity to relax and chat with friends who share a common interest in tango, both at the practica and afterwards when we "cool down" with a social drink at a Fredericks bar.

Entry $10, cash only. If you are a total beginner, please arrive @ 6.45 pm for a brief introduction. Please  contact us for  Registration. 


    Tango Private Lesson

Bring it on. Lets do some hard work!

We also provide Tango private lessons for individuals and couples. Private lessons allow you to accelerate your learning, to maximize the benefit from time spent in each session, to keep learning at your own pace and to work on problem areas in greater detail.  Also, you may want to put a hint of Tango into your wedding dance.

If this sounds like you, then we can arrange times to suit your schedule and to meet your requirements. As we will be devoting the whole time just to you, we can help you to reach the joy of Tango much easier and faster. Each private lesson is for one hour. All levels are available.

The rate is $50 per person or $60 per couple plus venue hiring fee. Contact us and we can tailor-make you Tango private lesson.

Monthly Tango Fundamentals workshops

For absolute beginners. Every 2nd Sunday of the month 3.30-5pm. $20 pp

Taranaki Salsa and Tango are offering an Argentine Tango fundamentals workshop. This introductory workshop will cover the essential elements of Tango, including postures, embraces, connections and musicality. With these skills, you will be able to progress to further lessons and onto dancing socially.

If you can't come with a partner, it's okay, we will arrange a tango partner for you. If you can come with a partner, it's perfect! Through the Tango embrace, you and your partner are going to share magical moments that you haven't explored with each other before via the soul of Tango. Registration is essencial. Contact us.

Tango Performance in Your Event

Let us entertain you with Argentine Tango.

Since we would like to introduce this world cultural heritage Argentine Tango to Taranaki community, we offer Tango dance performance in your event. We will supply our own music and costume to suit the theme of your event. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Private Tango Group Class 

Your Time, Your Place, Your group, Your Fun.

We can tailor private group lessons particularly for you and your group. The group can be your friends, work mates, double or even triple date! You can decide what day of the week that suits you, which venue is convenient for you and who are going to be in your class!

Experience with your group the vibrant, passionate and playful couple dance that is Argentine Tango. Through the Tango embrace, you and your mates are going to share magical moments that you haven't explored from each other before via the soul of Tango. Tango is also a collaborative process, which encourages the development of sensitivity, clarity, trust and respect in the group. This is a perfact exercise for team building.

This 4 week block-course covers the basic concepts of the Tango embrace, how to lead and follow, basic step sequences and an introduction to how the dance relates to Tango music.

If some of you are total beginners, this course will provide a basic foundation that will allow you to step onto the dance floor and enjoy your own expression of the music with your partner. 

If some of you have some Tango experience, you will review and refine the basic steps and be shown variations which provide the tools to converse playfully and improvisationally with your partner on the dancing floor.

Partners will be rotated in the class, Leather soled shoes are VERY important, since tango involves a lot of pivoting on the the ball of your feet.  Some ladies find that heels with a strap around the ankle is a benefit, some ladies used to wear flats. Both of them are good as long as they are comfortable and stable. 

A floor with smooth surface is the idea venue, such as wooden floor, tiled floor, polished concrete floor, none gripped vinyl floor are all okay. If you don't have suitable place, we can run the class in West End Scout Den, 11 Bonithon Avenue, New Plymouth. Small venue charge apply.

The rate is $300 for 2 couples, $400 for 3 couples, $500 for 4 couples for 4 weeks block course.

Please contact us for book your time and further discussion.


Tango General Link

All you need to know about Tango! (NOTE: TejastoTango has detailed information on tango music CDs to buy, many available on Amazon)

Where to get your shoes?

Tango Shoes, Mens and Ladies from Dance Pasión Ltd in Auckland, from Darcos in Buenos Aires.

Tango Clips

What is tango all about? Let professionals tell you.























Salsa Venue

Wednesday Salsa Vanue

Winter and Wet weather venue: Current location 

CityFitness @ Richmond Centre, 8 Egmont Street, New Plymouth


Salsa Class

Wednesday Salsa Class

Salsa class is on hold at this moment. Please contact us to express your interest for future class

Wednesday Salsa from 7.15 pm. The class starts with basic steps and patterns and then focuses on partner-dance such as leading and following skills. Come along with or without partner are all welcome. We rotate partners frequently in the class.

The dance floor will remain open after class for a short practise time if any dancers wish to join us.

Dress comfortably and wear shoes that will "slip" on a wooden floor, i.e. leather soles or at least hard plastic.  Trainers are a definite handicap.  Contact us to reserve a place. Entry $10, cash only. 

As a tradition, we go to Fredericks bar after the class to finish our Salsa social night.





Other information about Salsa

  • Suggested Music for Salsa

Putumayo Label World Music is available from Trade Aid and will give you "Salsa Around the World" "Latin Party" plus others. Mandali is often sold with under title of Betece, if you own only one salsa cd this should be it. Other recommended albums:  LA 33 by LA 33 who have played at WOMAD New Plymouth 2013

  • Salsa Links

Most of Salsa information in New Zealand

All you wanted to know about salsa music.

All you wanted to know about salsa dance.

Anoraks Guide to Salsa Dance Style